Anthony Crivello
ANTHONY “TONY” CRIVELLO completed shooting on Madonna’s  
Maverick Films “MATERIAL GIRLS” starring Hilary & Hayley Duff. He also
shot “TRADE”  for director Marco Kreuzpaintner.
Additional  feature credits include director Roland Emmerich’s
Abrahams’ comedy “Jane Austen’s MAFIA!” “SPELLBINDER,”
On TELEVISION,  Crivello  co-starred in  director Ron Krauss’ “ALIEN
HUNTER” opposite James Spader, John Lynch. He also  co-starred in the Tele-
films “DILLINGER AND CAPONE” (Mystfest 95, ITALY), “THE BET” for
Mr. Crivello has co-written a comedic screenplay, based on a story he
conceived entitled “A TON OF SALT.”  Additionally, he is working on two
musicals/Opera for the stage: the drama “2B CAESAR”  and comedy  “ENG:
FANTASY 101”  as well as the sitcom “THE CHICKEN BROTHERS”.
He has been (and has won great Awards) in musicals so wonderful like Jane
Eyre, Evita, Les Miserables, Assasins, etc.
AND FINALLY…in June, 2006, Mr. Crivello received such critical praise as
“edgy,” “romantic,” and  “arresting genius … behind the mask”  for his
portrayal of  ‘ The Phantom’ in Hal Prince’s re-conception of Sir Andrew
Lloyd Webber’s “ THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” at the Venetian Hotel
in Las Vegas.
Thank you so much Anthony for this great interview!

Sandra - What has it meant for your artistic career being the Phantom of the  
Opera in Webber's musical?

Anthony Crivello - "PHANTOM" is my second role in an Andrew  Lloyd
Webber musical ('Che' in "EVITA" was my first) and my third show with the
legendary Hal Prince as my director. I have been blessed to be part of some
'ground breaking' work in the theater, and to work side by side with talented
artists ... on Broadway and international stages.
Both "CHE" and "THE PHANTOM" are 'dream roles"-
Complex, demanding, multi-layered, intense, romantic, intelligent,
challenging ...
and filled with glorious music... a singer's delight.
This production of "PHANTOM" is heightened by the technology of 'state of
the art' effects, lighting, sound design and scenery...  and lavish costumes as
To be part of all that, here in Las Vegas, is a joy. That says it all.

Sandra - What scene/song of "The Phantom Of The Opera" (the musical) is
your favorite and why.

Anthny Crivello - The last fifteen minutes of the show... from "POINT OF
NO RETURN" on. It is the emotional apex of the evening for me, and a great
acting challenge.

Sandra - What are some personal aspects you incorporate into your
interpretation of the Phantom?

Anthony Crivello - I began with examining the 'emotional core' of the
character- his complexities... his damaged psyche, his given circumstances.
From there, layer by layer, I built his persona, trusting I would find his
emotional depth and pain... his inner needs and 'wants'.
With director Hal Prince, Assoc. Director Artie Masella, Musical Supervisor
David Caddick and Choreographer Gillian Lynne guiding me, I used
rehearsal time to explore, and 'stretch the envelope' of what was appropriate
for the Phantom's emotional 'thru-line" ... as I saw it.
My own natural intensity and concentration helps me to focus the character.  
Also attention to detail ... and allowing for nightly 'discovery.'
Further, each performance I begin in a place of reality, noting where my
"emotional truth" lay that day, at that moment.
I start there, and proceed on my journey through the show.
I also remind myself to trust ... as Stanislavski stated:
"There are no accidents on stage- only the potential for 'divine inspiration'."

Sandra - Can you tell us a personal anecdote you remember from the
rehearsals of the play?

Anthony Crivello - All I will say is Hal Prince is a genius .. and a very funny
man. And Gillian Lynne is brilliant, colorful and a joy to work with as well.
Our entire creative team is one to relish- an actor's dream: Supportive,
demanding ... and of the "Classic World of the Stage."
It was like being in a 'Master Class' each day.

Sandra - In your opinion, what is it that makes the show so appealing?

Anthony Crivello - A romantic, glorious tale, told through a haunting melodic
line ... lush orchestrations, wonderful lyrics, beautiful complex characters,
dazzling scenery... what more could you ask for??!!

Sandra - What do you find most difficult in preparing for your role?

Anthony Crivello - You must "live the role"- By that I mean, this role
DEMANDS that you live your life in preparation to perform this role night
after night. Discipline is required.

Sandra - Have you read any Phantom books?

Anthony Crivello - I am not sure I understand your question. (But Lon Chaney
is my hero. )

Sandra - In the musical, what is the moment which touches you deepest?

Anthony Crivello - When Christine returns his ring ... and he places it back on
his own finger. Devastating...

Sandra - What would you like to tell your fans.

Anthony Crivello - I am grateful to all of you for your kind words of praise,
and beholding to all of you for your generous support.
Bless you... and I hope you all have the chance to visit Las Vegas and see this
production. It is not to be believed.
Also, here are some sites which contain information which may be of interest
to you:

Sandra - What kind of role would you like to play some day?

Anthony Crivello - My goal is to direct one day... so the role of 'director."
I am also writing for the stage and screen. I hope one day to have my own
work produced. That would be a joy and dream come true!
I am currently seeking composer /lyricists to collaborate with  two new
musicals: A  Leonard Bernstein meets Nino Rota/ Puccini-
The other- Fantasy music, like that of Cirque Du Soleil.

Anthony is going to make a wonderful appearance in the
Night of 1000 voices
next May in London.

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In the Photo (Left to Right): Assoc. Director Artie
Masella, Director Hal Prince, Enzo Roberto Crivello
( in Hal's arms) and Phantom Anthony Crivello-  
backstage after a performance of "PHANTOM" in
Las Vegas.
6th May 2007, The Night of 1000 Voices at the Royal Albert Hall.
Anthony Crivello and Ladyghost.
6th May 2007, The Night of 1000 Voices at the Royal Albert Hall.
Anthony Crivello and Ladyghost: Music of the Night pose!
6th May 2007, The Night of 1000 Voices at the Royal Albert Hall.
Anthony Crivello, his wife and Ladyghost.
Anthony Crivello with Barry Manilow.