susan kay
Susan Kay was born in 1952.
She's one of the most stood out contemporary writers of Historic novel.
She has received some great Awards of Narrative genre and she has a great
fame among critic and readers.
Her first novel,
Legacy, won two Awards: Georgette Heyer  Historical Novel
Prize and Betty Trask Award.
Phantom is her most celebrated novel and it's read worldwide with editions
from China, Spain, England, Unites Estates, Czech Republic, Japan...
I want to thank her very deeply from my heart, her attention and kindness
for have conceded me this wonderful interview. Thank you so much, Susan.

Sandra - What made you go deep into the legend of the Phantom of the
Opera in your book,

Susan Kay - When I came to read the original Leroux novel, I found myself
becoming more and more interested in the Phantom's background, which
was very briefly sketched in at the end of the book.
I wanted to understand what had madethis character the way he was and to
see the life experiences that relentlessly forged him into the figure we
would come to know as the Phantom of the Opera.
I wanted to remain as true to the original as I could, so that meant
researching deeply around the few bare facts that Leroux had mentioned, so
that the book would be as historically accurate as I could make it.

Sandra - To accomplish your book, did you visit the Paris Opera House?

Susan Kay - Yes I did. It's wonderful building with a very strong, brooding
atmosphere about it. You can almost 'feel' the phantom's presence there.

Sandra - Every myth or legend has a base of veracity; what do you think
about it relative to the Phantom of the Opera?

Susan Kay- There have been a number of different theories and I suppose
we will never know for sure how much truth there is behind the story.
I don't actually think it really matters.  Erik exists in the imagination of so
many people.

Sandra - Thousands of followers of this story would like to know what you
think about the leading character, Erik.

Susan Kay - I think he is one of the most fascinating of all the classic fiction
characters. He is such a complicated mix of good and bad and there are so
many different sides to his personality. A truly haunting figure.

Sandra - Are you happy that your novel is going to be re-published?

Susan Kay - I have been quite amazed by the huge numbers of people who
have demanded that this book be brought back into print, and I am
delighted that all their efforts have resulted in this new edition.

Sandra -  What would you say to all those interested in Phantom who are
going to read your book for the first time in this new edition?

Susan Kay - It is a dark and sometimes disturbing story, but I hope they will
feel that they have come to understand the Phantom better after reading it.

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